1 Year personalized program!


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Only for people who make self-defence their priority #1!

Get advantage to 15% discount until January 31st 2020!

Can be purchased online or in person at class.

- 12-months access to Krav Maga classes!
- Personalized plan to reach your goals!
- Full progress tracking over the 12 months!
- Plus 12 private lessons (one lesson per month)!

* You want to learn how to defend yourself in a realistic context!
* You want to reach your goal in the next months: you are mature and able to manage your priorities;
* You are committed to training at least twice a week during 1 year!

Then this offer is definitely for you if you are taking your safety seriously!! (Definitely NOT for you if you are looking for some funny cardio "self-defence" classes;)

This 1 year program is only for women and men who make self-defence their priority #1!

We are going to help you to get more confident and to reach your goal! You can show up anytime: there are no scheduled start dates!

1/ You will learn:

- to understand body language in a self-defence context;
- to manage the timeline of an aggression;
- to control your stress;
- to manage the critical moment when the attack is detected and your brain and body instantly and automatically enter a completely different state;
- to choose the right moment to fight back;
- to manage the freezing process;
- Thai boxing skills and Krav Maga self-defence techniques;
- to fight on the ground;
- to act against the most common threats in everyday life;
- to defend yourself against the most common assaults;
- to defend yourself against the most common weapon threat situations;

2/ These training sessions imply:

- a personalized plan to make you constantly improving;
- progress tracking over the 12 months;
- 12 private lessons (one lesson per month);
- 96 regular classes if you show up twice a week;
- 144 regular classes if you show up three time a week;
- a 100% commitment at class (we motivate you, and help you to follow your monthly goal)
- a 100% physical commitment;
- weekly sparring sessions with one and several partners;
- weekly drills under stress;
- weekly fitness drills;
- outside trainings: on a parking lot, but not only;
- training in a confined spaces such as car, but not only;
- training session with weapons such as knife, bottles, sticks, handguns, etc.
- a huge adrenaline dose during some training;

3/ To register we required the following:

- minimum age required 20 + (Id required)
- No criminal record.
- an open and mature mind ready to learn;
- be open to criticism;
- Ideally No big martial arts experience; however skills in boxing or Muay Thai are definitely useful and necessary; (if you don't have them you will learn it)

- Mandatory equipment required:
- headgear protection;
- pair of gloves type mma; mouth guard; groin protection;
- safety goggles (for weapon training sessions)
- clean indoor shoes; 2 T-shirt; Wear t-shirts or long-sleeves; no sleeveless tops and make sure to wear pants that will stay up and everything remains covered.

We will show you what it is about when you show up at your first class. We can provide it or you can buy it yourselves wherever you want.

4/ How to get started:

- Book your spot online and make your payment using any major credit card.
- Then show up at class and complet a registration form and start your 1 year program session;

5/ Classes are held:

Every Monday; Wednesday and Friday from 7:45 to 9:15pm
Address: Krav Maga Calgary 2633 Hochwald Ave SW T3E 7K2.

We reserve the right to refuse admittance to class if a student is at risk of injuring themselves or others.

Book your spot now!

Any questions before booking your place?

Please call Krav Maga Calgary: 403 493-4886 or email us at infokravmagacalgary@gmail.com

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