Idan Abolnik

2019 August 28th & 29th Idan Abolnik founder of Kalah System will be our guest!

Idan Abolnik is the founder and chief instructor of the Kalah System. A decade of combat experience in some of the worlds most testing conflicts have given Idan a level of experience of both armed and unarmed combat that can truly be described as world class. His experience has shaped his system and he uses his real world experience from the upper echelons of the Israeli Military and diplomatic protection teams to develop techniques unsurpassed in their effectiveness.

Idan was born in the town of Beer-Sheva, the largest city in the Negev desert of southern Israel. This is where he spent his childhood and teen years until being conscripted into the Israeli military at the age of 18.

Upon entering the Israeli military Idan was selected to join one of their most respected units, the Golani.

Idan was initially stationed in Lebanon and then redeployed to Gaza during the first 3 years of his service. He was involved in gathering intelligence, deployment behind enemy lines and doing whatever was necessary to protect his country. He decided to make a career of the military after completing the compulsory 3-year conscription. Then he was assigned to the Anti-Terror and Intelligence division where he served for 6 years working in countries throughout Africa seeking to gain military intelligence to protect Isreal.

Idan was then drafted into the Personal Protection and Intelligence unit of the Israeli government, protecting high-level government ministers and officials. He left that division 2 years later and joined the Israeli Secret Service where he was deployed until 2013 when he decided to leave the military completely and focus on promoting the Kalah System that he had been developing since 2003. Idan arrived to South Africa to establish the KALAH SYSTEM


Kalah System is a Self-Defence and Combat System that’s developed by Idan Abolnik, Ex-IDF Commando Unit.

Kalah is known as one of the most effective fighting styles in Around the world when it comes to survival in extreme situations! Kalah is for anyone who wants to learn to fight back, who wants to survive and understands that an attack can happen any time in any unexpected situation. At Kalah, one learns to accept that the attacks will be tremendously hard and violent, and that you can lose your life in one instant. It’s not a “James Bond game”.

Kalah is fast becoming internationally recognized as one of the most effective combat systems around . It is being adopted across military and Low enforcement and Krav Maga organizations around the world!

Click on the link to find an organization: Kalah around the World




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