About Krav Maga Calgary

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Krav Maga Calgary opened its first course at the Currie Barracks 3 years ago. Christian started our adventure teaching 2 students, one female and one male. Step by step, the school grew. Today, Krav Maga Calgary is proud to have more than 85 regular students, including people in our private and semi-private classes.

Christian also teaches corporate staff in Canmore, Banff and Calgary, as well as some police officers in Calgary.
Christian is now assisted by two people: one assistant female instructor who helps to teach the monthly women-only training sessions, and one assistant male instructor.

For the last three years, Krav Maga Calgary has acted as the Krav Maga leader in Calgary. We’re spreading the word and helping Calgarians to discover this reality-based system from Israel designed for the primary goal of survival to any kind of assault.

Check out the schedule, find out more about our programs, or learn more about Krav Maga. You are more than welcome to give it a try!

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