Welcome to KMC!

We offer practical self-defense classes in Calgary for adults, kids, and teens.

Private and semi-private classes are available. First responders are welcome to inquire for specific training needs.

Check out our programs or email us for more information.

  • All of our classes start with a warm up and stretching. Then we focus on a specific situation. This might include defence against all types of aggression, be it bullying, hits, strangulation, holds, armed attacks, or threats (with knives, guns, axes, sticks, etc.)
  • The student learns to apply self-defense techniques and hand-to-hand combat in a variety of situations, both familiar and unfamiliar. We train under stressful  situations such as attacks in the dark, in a seated or horizontal position, against one or more opponents, inside or around a car…

Does this sound like something you want to try?

Please check out « How to get started »

About the classes:

Endurance testing


Training in darkness, self-defence techniques under stress:


Beginner sparring:


More advanced sparring:


Warming up, Ground fighting and how to use pressure points such as grabbing the nostrils, under the nose, the throat or the eyes…


 Special class for serious people: handgun introduction:

  • The basics of handling a handgun;
  • Defence against the seizure of his handgun;
  • Combat technique with a handgun (used as a stab);
  • When to get the right moment to disarm a handgun in real-life simulated situations.
  • Working on the essential moves you could have to do for using a gun after a disarmement.







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